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A list of articles that any Tech Lover, Designer or Developer MUST see! Hope you enjoy it:

Design and Creativity

  • The Must-See Documentaries for Designers & Artists. Click Here
  • Design Tips Click Here
  • The Best Design Click Here
  • The meaning behind 12+ Famous logo designs you will see today Click Here
  • Visual.ly Resources Hub Click Here
  • Inspiring Design Click Here
  • Design Freebies Click Here
  • 50 Cosas que un creativo debe hacer en su tiempo libre Click Here
  • El significado de los colores y la Psicología del color Click Here
  • Color wheel history and explanation Click Here
  • How do you choose the right colors for your designs? Click Here
  • 75+ Awesome Tools for Designers Click Here
  • Figma, The first interface design tool with real-time collaboration Click Here
  • Lingo, is the cloud connected visual asset library that empowers creation and ensures visual consistency for entire teams Click Here
  • Flex your design muscles with 10 exercises Click Here
  • 7 Common UX Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Content Click Here
  • Design History in 9 minutes! "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like" #Design is HOW it works" Steve Jobs Click Here
  • 100+ Logo PSD & Vector Mockup Templates Click Here
  • Sketch Tips To Maximize Your Productivity Click Here

Web and Apps Design/Developement

  • Website designs you must see Click Here
  • 40 Must See Stationery Designs for Print Inspiration Click Here
  • The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet Click Here
  • Google privilegiará los sitios web optimizados para móviles Click Here
  • Mobile-Friendly Test Click Here
  • 2015 Websites Trends Click Here
  • 26 Things to Note Before You Develop a Website – Infographic Click Here
  • 5 Common Website Design Mistakes Click Here
  • The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New Click Here
  • How Users Read on the Web Click Here
  • Don't use "click here" as link text Click Here
  • Learning to design is learning to see Click Here
  • The Data-Driven Guide to Landing Page Design [Infographic] Click Here
  • 25 Tips to Optimize Landing Page Conversions Click Here
  • Seguridad Web Click Here
  • HTTPS & SSL Click Here
  • Collections of the best WordPress themes, organized by industry, style, and feature Click Here
  • The 100 Best Webdesign Tools Click Here
  • Code Image Gallery with Caption Click Here
  • Code for another Gallery with Caption Click Here
  • Native, Web or Hybrid Apps? What's The DifferenceClick Here
  • Native Apps vs. Web Apps: What is the Better Choice? Click Here

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