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User Experience researcher, designer, and front-end developer with five years of experience. I am very passionate and empathetic about understanding user needs through the collection and analysis of data. I challenge assumptions, identify user patterns and issues, and implement innovative solutions that are cost-effective and align with user and business needs. My experience has helped me build skills to efficiently address issues beyond the user interface that can undermine the total UX. I am a fast and flexible learner, adapting to the different tools each team prefers. My job does not end with deliverables; building a product is a collaboration where all team members work together. Communication between researchers, designers, developers, and other team members is the key to achieving successful solutions.

User Experience (UX)

Driven by Research I collect quantitative and qualitative data to identify patterns and recommend Design solutions! Check more UX Highlights updates, interviews and more in the blog.

Interactive Design

My Design Process is based on Research. I have experience implementing Digital projects from ideas to conception! User friendly Websites, Apps, Games, and more...

Data Visualizations

"A picture is worth a thousand words"
Representing data into visuals, a universal way to communicate with Users! To translate the abstract into meaningful ideas.

My Work

Research & Data Visualization

UX Summit

UX Summit Chicago 2019

Invited to the UX Summit at Chicago to create the Executive Summary. Blog Post about Trends and Insights! Check some Insights...


Customer Champion

Ferguson's Registration Project recognition for my passion around understanding customer experience through Research. More about the recognition...


Flirting: How many Calories?

Research to find out who spends more calories during courtship! Data Collection, Article, and Data Visualizations. More about my Thesis?

Lion Fish

Lion Fish Infographic

Research and Data Visualization about the Lion Fish published in an Environmental Magazine. Check the Publication and Data Visualization...

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Applications & Games Design



Your favorite Menus in your hands! Founder. Idea, UX/UI Design, Research, Informational Website and Social Media. Check the app...


OTT: Oil Trading Tool

Oil Trading App to convert units and track product. Branding, UX/UI Design, Research, Website and iOS App Development. Want to check more?...


Reporting System

Firefighters Cancer Study, Reporting System to see correlation. UX Research Analysis, UI Reporting System Design, Prototyping. The Prototype...



Branding. Game UI Design, Marketing Material, Game exhibitor & Biomimetics Panel speaker Smithsonian Accelerate Festival, 2017. More about the VR game...

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Web Design & Development

UX Highlights

UX Highlights

A Community where we share everything related to UX! Web Design & Development. The Blog...



Your favorite Menus in your hands! Founder. Idea, Informational Website Design & Development. Content Creation. About Oostia...



Online Store Design & Development.
Social Media. Webmaster. The website...



Branding. Company Presentation. Web Design & Development. Check the website...

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